Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cars have feelings too...

Nan decided that our cars needed names. Apparently they've been living a half-life---one without the benefit of given names. So here are Nan's choices for our cars:
Mine= Christy Star-toes
Shannon's= Kyle Tyler (after her two boyfriends at school...Daddy wasn't thrilled with this explanation)


I want to recall something Nan mentioned earlier this week. She talks about 'Baby Will' all the time...about missing him, and how he is her brother, and how she loves him. She talks about him just as much now as when he was with us. And Sunday she told me that she has dreams about him all the time. In her dreams he is big like her and he goes to the playground with her and they have fun and talk and play (and sometimes I forget to pick them up from the playground...that part doesn't sound so great to me). And I wish I could dream those dreams with her.