Tuesday, October 13, 2009

While the cat's away...

I'm headed to Texas to retrieve my mother this Thursday. And I've been prepping Nan for my absence...rather than focusing on her being without me, I've been zeroing in on the most helpless human in my household (at least that's how I'm portraying him...and the dogs, too). And my little doppleganger caught right on...I couldn't be more proud!

Susan: So, who's going to make sure Daddy eats while Mommy is gone? And who is going to make sure he puts his dirty clothes in the hamper? And who is going to make sure he cleans up if the dogs have an accident on the floor (and that he doesn't just throw a towel on it and walk away)? Who's going to make sure the lights get turned off when you guys leave the house? Who's going to make sure the dishes get washed and the laundry gets done? Who's going to love on Daddy and Herschel and Macy when they miss Mommy? Hmm...I wonder who could do all of these things? Oh dear....

Nan: A list.

Susan: What, honey?

Nan: I can do them things! But I need a list. A list with pictures...I can't read yet, 'member? If I have a list, I can do all of the Mom things. I think. Yeah...I can do them if I have a list. I can put it on the 'frigerator and look at it.

Susan: Thanks, big helper.