Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been extremely negligent regarding this catalog of Nancy Ann Boone cuteness. 
What can I say? Life gets crazy.
As Nan approaches her 8th birthday next week, I wanted to commemorate two awesome Nan-isms from year 7. 
1. Balb. 
Nan's stepfather is bald.  To Nan, however, he is "balb".  Not sure why she thinks there is a "b" at the end, but it is super cute.
She and Georgia also think that every man who is "balb" looks just like Don.  Could be Howie Mandell.  Could be Gru (sp?) from "Despicable Me".  Could be a 98 year-old man in the lobby of their grandparents' assisted living home.  Could be a 350 pound man at Chick-fil-A.  If he's "balb," he looks "like Don," according to these two.
2. Butt teeth
7 was the year when the adorable gap in her mouth where her front baby teeth used to be was filled with two permanent chompers.  Apparently, she also doesn't hear the complete pronunciation of the terms commonly used to describe prodigiously large front teeth.  She thinks they are called "butt teeth."  I enjoy it so much when she says this phrase; I can't imagine correcting the error.  It's just too amusing to fix...she'll eventually figure it out.

But how did 8 arrive so quickly? 
Chubby cheeks and pot belly are long gone.  They've been replaced with earrings, freckles, and long legs.