Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While eating dinner the other night, Nan was taking her sweet time chewing a piece of London Broil. Uncle Fish asked her if it was good, and she replied...wait for it, folks:
"Yeah. It's like gum."
I guess we should've used the meat tenderizer after all.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

She sees God...

In the car (several weeks ago) this conversation took place:

Nan--Where is heaben?
Me--Not really sure. Lots of people think it's in the sky, but I'm not really sure it's a place you can see from here.
Nan--God is in duh sky, Mommy. Hab you seed God?
Me--No...we don't get to see Him until we die and go to live with Him in heaven.
Nan--No, Mommy. God is in duh sky. Yook. I see Him foot up dare. (points to the clouds) mean that cloud looks like a foot! Great, honey!
Nan--No, Mommy!!! Not a cloud. Him foot is right dare....hanging out dem clouds. God wearing shoes?
Nan--No, silly goose!!!!
Me--My bad.

The US is officially a monarchy, folks....

In Disney (after trying on a fab crown), Nan announced to all around: "I'm duh Queen ub America!"

Pre-Occupation with Morning Breath

To her Daddy: "Dad...Ewww...your breath smells like pudding. And corn. And poop."
(I guess it's a good thing Shannon doesn't ever read my blogs)

Starting with Today...

I can't remember many of the things Nancy Ann has said to me over the past four years. This makes me so sad. Amidst the business of grad school, work, and life in general, I have lost so many many special Nan-isms. I refuse to let this happen anymore. I am now going to record these little gems of her childhood and will hold onto them because they are so very precious....
#1 All-Time Famous Nan-ism: "I can't know." (used instead of "I don't know")
Example: "What do you want to eat for dinner, Nan?"
Nan- "I can't know!" (said with either great incredulity or general apathy)

Today's Nan-ism: " That's a lovely armpit you hab dare."