Saturday, August 1, 2009

She sees God...

In the car (several weeks ago) this conversation took place:

Nan--Where is heaben?
Me--Not really sure. Lots of people think it's in the sky, but I'm not really sure it's a place you can see from here.
Nan--God is in duh sky, Mommy. Hab you seed God?
Me--No...we don't get to see Him until we die and go to live with Him in heaven.
Nan--No, Mommy. God is in duh sky. Yook. I see Him foot up dare. (points to the clouds) mean that cloud looks like a foot! Great, honey!
Nan--No, Mommy!!! Not a cloud. Him foot is right dare....hanging out dem clouds. God wearing shoes?
Nan--No, silly goose!!!!
Me--My bad.

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